Any Phone Call About Coronavirus Vaccine is a Scam

Any Phone Call About Coronavirus Vaccine is a Scam – Currently, scammers have taken advantage of the deadly coronavirus pandemic by calling and tricking people to book for coronavirus vaccine. when probably you get a phone call from anyone claiming to be from the CDC and hang up immediately consider it a scam alert.

According to The Verge, The Daly City Police Department called out on Twitter, and other social media platforms to let the members of the pubic know that anyone calling you about a COVID-19 vaccine is Strategy to scam you.

However, “There is no vaccine reserve program, and the CDC is not offering anything of the sort. Do not fall prey!”

Moreover, according to some other agencies, the person on the other end of the phone call might ask you for your credit card and/or social security number to “reserve” a vaccine.

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Meanwhile, the coronavirus vaccine is not even available in the market, and no point will the agency reach out to you directly.
you should also watchful for scam text messages and emails.

Note: Until the ongoing self-quarantine and social distancing period is over, get some work done, disinfect your smartphone, watch some Netflix, and order yourself some food for delivery.


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