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Carb Manager Login – How to Use Carb Manager Calculator

Carb Manager Login – Do you wish to learn how to login to your carb manager account? However, the Carb Manager which is categorized under health and fitness, as released on 30th December 2010. It has the world’s most comprehensive and accurate database of foods featuring net carb counts, macros, and micronutrients.

Meanwhile, there is no doubt, that many mobile users of this app find it very difficult to Create Carb Manager Account or even log in to their account. Therefore, that is the major reason we have in this article, carefully provided you with a step by step guide on how to log in to Carb Manager account. Before then let us quickly take a glance at the features of the Carb Manager App.

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Features of Carb Manager

  • Macronutrient calculator: Track carbs, fats, & protein.
  • Calorie counter: Use our calorie tracker to set a calorie goal based on your weight loss goals.
  • Food diary: Search 1M+ foods with macros and carb counts, including net carbs and sugar alcohols
  • Water tracker: stay hydrated!
  • Exercise tracker: log exercises and workouts, including cardio and weight training

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Create Carb Manager Account

  • If you haven’t created an account in the carb manager app, you will need to do so before logging into the website.
  • Select Create Account in the left menu, and enter an email address and password.
  • Then, use that email and password to log into the
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How to Login to Carb Manager/Carb Manager Login

  • First, you have to create an account in the app
  • Then to access your data in the account on the website, log in with your credentials at
  • Go to your account, open Settings in the app, and look under Account Settings. There, you will see your login email.


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