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Crowd1 Sign Up – Register Crowd1 Account & Everything you need to know UPDATED

Crowd1 Sign Up – Crowd1 is an online Network Marketing Company that partners with the online Entertainment Industry and the Online Gaming Industry. The platform allows us to buy shares in these industries and shares the profits with its members.

However, it is a crowd marketing company, what they do is that as we grow in the crowd we attract the attention of multinational companies who are looking for a crowd to market their product and services, these companies come to crowd1 and say you have the kind of crowd we need for our company’s form of marketing, advertising our products and services to your crowd.

However, the core business of Crowd1 and ICT is not to recruit new members, but to offer digital services for the members’ own use or to re-sell

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Crowd1 Packages

Additionally, we are delighted to inform you that crowd1 has two aspects to it, which are the investment and networking aspects.

The investment part is the part that allows us to buy shares with all affiliated companies of crowd1. While the network marketing part has to do with referrals. Simply put, it can be described as helping the company build a network of investors, and they pay you in return

1. White Package cost 99EUR (N50,000) which gives you N1,250 weekly profit

2. Black Package costs 299EUR (N150,000) which gives you N2,500 weekly

3. Gold Package costs 799EUR (N400,000) which gives you N3,750 weekly

4. Titanium Package costs 2,499EUR (1,250,000) which gives you N5,000 weekly


How to Register Crowd1 Account – Crowd1 Sign Up

First, go to the official website

Then fill in your Username, Sponsor’s name First name, Last name, Address, Postal code, etc

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Provide your email and password Note: your password should be entered twice. The password must be 8 letters or more, can’t be too common and should not contain your username

Agree to terms and conditions and the privacy policy

Then finally click on register

Login|Sign in Crowd1

If  already have a registered

Then go to

Enter your Username and Password

Finally, click on Login to access your account


How to Download and Install Crowd1 App

Crowd1 operates via mobile apps available in the Apple and Google Play Stores. To get the App downloaded to your mobile device kindly go to play store and search for it, and follow other instructions


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