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Drake Net Worth, Early Life, Career and Investments

Drake Net Worth, Early Life, Career and Investments-Aubrey Drake Graham is a 33 years old Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, actor, businessman. The rapper initially gained the world’s recognition as an actor on the teen drama television series Degrassi. The Next Generation in the 2000s; with the motive of pursuing a career in music. He left the series in 2007 after releasing his debut mixtape Room for Improvement.


Early life & Career

Drake Graham was born on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Ontario. His father, Dennis Graham, is an African American and a practising Catholic from Memphis, Tennessee, and worked as a drummer, performing alongside country musician Jerry Lee Lewis.

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His mother, Sandra Graham, is a Jewish Canadian who worked as an English teacher and florist. His parents met after Dennis performed at Club Bluenote in Toronto, where he first interacted with Sandra, who was also in attendance. He is a dual citizen of the United States and Canada.

Sadly, Sandi and Dennis divorced when Aubrey was five. His father subsequently moved to Memphis where he ultimately ended up being arrested and incarcerated for several years on drug charges.

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Meanwhile, when Drake was 15 years old, eager to begin as an actor, a high school friend introduced Drake to his father, an acting agent. The agent found a role in Canadian teen drama series Degrassi, The Next Generation. Drake portrayed Jimmy Brooks, a basketball star who became physically disabled after a gunshot by a classmate.

Amazingly, Over the years Drake has also endorsed many major brands including most notably, Sprite, Burger King, Whataburger, Nike, and Apple. When Apple Music launched, Drake signed a $19 million exclusivity deal. This deal allowed Apple to be the exclusive initial home of all of Drake’s future solo releases.

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However, he released two further independent projects, Comeback Season and So Far Gone, before signing to Young Money Entertainment in June 2009.d businessman.


How much money is Drake worth?

Currently in 2020; Marcelo Vieira Salary, Net Worth and Early life


Drake Favorite Quotes

“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.”

“Patience is key for getting over a breakup. That, and trailing off your interaction after the breakup.”

“There will be days when I walk in an arena and people will cheer and then there might be days when I walk in an arena and people might boo, but it all sounds the same to me because it’s all just noise that lets me know that I’m relevant.”

“I’m not confrontational, but if someone challenges, I’m not going to back down.”

“People like to build their own story about my life. I don’t know if it makes them feel better, or if it makes it okay for them to not like me, but the last thing I grew up as was rich.”

“When it comes to knowing what to say, to charm, I always had it.”


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