Explore america travel scholarship 2020/2021

Applications are currently invited for suitably qualified candidates to apply for the  Explore America travel scholarship. However, the main objective of the scholarship program goal has been Opening the World Through Education for over fifty years. And our Global Citizen Scholarship Fund is designed to make that happen for more students than ever.

Scholarship Benefits

Every year $50,000 worth of scholarships to students selected from around the country.


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Eligibility For  Explore America travel scholarship

To be eligible you must be:

1. Enrolled on an EF College Study Tours program
18 years of age or older

2. A part-time or full-time student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program

3. In good standing with your institution


Complete an online application

Create a 2 to 3-minute video to submit with your application

Your video should answer this question:

How will this tour change the way you think or feel about the world, or act within it?


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How to apply for Explore America travel scholarship

To apply for the scholarship, provide the following through the application linked below:

1. Letter of recommendation
Ask an educator (a professor, administrator, or teacher, for example) to paint a holistic view of you as an individual and as a student, in about 250 to 500 words.

Meanwhile, there is no need for a paper copy—you’ll simply be copying and pasting your recommendation in the application.

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Below are some suggestions if the person writing your recommendation is looking for inspiration:

academic strengths and interests
personal qualities
role in your community
you are deserving of an EF scholarship

Please provide the first name, last name, and email address of the educator who has written your recommendation for verification purposes.


2. Original travel quote

Open-mindedness, confidence, collaboration, and cultural awareness are important skills gained from traveling and studying abroad. Like Mark Twain said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

In 280 characters or less (including spaces), write your own original travel quote about open-mindedness, confidence, collaboration, and/or cultural awareness.


  Apply Here


Explorer Scholarship application deadline

Explorer Scholarships are awarded monthly based on the following schedule.

To receive the scholarship, applicants must be enrolled on an EF Explore America tour. Winners will be notified no later than 140 days before their trip.


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