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How can i Cope with Frequent Urination During Pregnancy

Urinary frequency is one of the signs of pregnancy, the urge to urinate often or Frequent Urination During Pregnancy. The urinary disturbance is a problem in the first and third trimesters. During pregnancy, the body makes more urine in order to take care of your baby’s waste products, as well as yours.

However, this is why pregnant women have frequent urination during pregnancy. Also, as a result of the weight of the baby resting on the bladder it cannot hold much urine as before, therefore the pregnant woman’s urge to urinate increases.

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Additionally, during this early period of pregnancy, there is an increased flow of blood in the body, which increases the amount of urine formation by the nephrons of the kidney.


Coping with Frequent Urination During Pregnancy

The fact is that frequent urination during pregnancy and bathroom visits is a normal sign of pregnancy, there is nothing one can do to stop this particular. However, we have provided you with some strategies to help you deal with it until delivery.

  • Avoid decreasing your fluid intake, because it may reduce the amount of urine you have but it will increase your risk of bladder infection and other problems.
  • To avoid nocturia (urination at night) try to empty your bladder. when you finish urinating, place your hands on your lower abdomen and lift the baby to release any trapped urine in the bladder.
  • Do not take beverages that will increase your frequency of urination.
  • Engage in mild exercises like Kegels to strengthen your pelvic muscles. To do this, sit in a very comfortable chair. contract your pelvic floor muscles and hold it for at least 3 seconds and release
  • When you go out for a meeting or a social function, always try to find the nearest toilet around.
  • Do not make the mistake of reducing your fluid intake, to avoid the risk of getting dehydrated. make sure you drink at least eight glasses of clean water daily.
  • Avoid foods that will increase your weight, to avoid adding pressure on the bladder.
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