How to Cancel OnlyFans Subscription – Delete OnlyFans Account

OnlyFans is an exclusive platform for creators to share photos and videos with their subscribers. Meet people just like you who are eager for new content from hot artists, athletes, and models.

Do you want to cancel your OnlyFans subscription? Have you forgotten about that thing you signed up for a few months back? Or did you sign up not knowing exactly what it was for and now wish it didn’t exist in the first place? Just follow these simple steps:

The only thing better than getting to see sexy selfies and videos of your favorite celebrities is saving money on subscriptions.

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Don’t spend another month paying for a subscription you don’t want. Follow our easy steps to permanently delete your OnlyFans account. No hassle necessary.

How to Cancel OnlyFans Subscription Quickly:

Cancelling an OnlyFans subscription is simple.

Log in to your OnlyFans account.

Find the OnlyFans creator you want to unsubscribe from.

Deactivate the Auto-Renew switch or toggle.

Alternatively, you can cancel your subscription by contacting

How to delete your OnlyFans account:

To delete your OnlyFans account, follow these steps:

Select “Delete Account” from the Settings menu.

Enter the captcha as shown on the Settings Page.

Your account will be deleted, and you will receive a confirmation email.

How to Cancel OnlyFans Subscription - Delete OnlyFans Account

What you need to know before canceling your OnlyFan account

Before you decide to cancel or delete your OnlyFans account, you’ll want to know how this will affect your account.

If you delete your OnlyFans account, you’ll lose all data associated with it.

If you’re looking to keep an eye on subscription fees and only want to cancel a particular subscription, it’s easy!

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Deleting your OnlyFans account is a permanent action.

When you cancel a subscription or delete your OnlyFans account, it’ll first go into what’s called “pending cancellation.”

Canceling or deleting your OnlyFans account is not something you have to do from a desktop computer either —you can also do it from your smartphone.

Takeaway: You have several options for customization when it comes to cancelling and deleting your OnlyFans account, so take a look at the options below to see which one is right for you.

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