How to create a blockchain wallet account

If you have been looking for how to create a blockchain wallet account within ten minutes, I guess you are in the right place. Blockchain wallet is an online application that allows people to receive, store and send bitcoin bitcoins or other digital currencies.


It is a free service thus, it does not require any client software or hardware to send and receive your digital currencies, which makes it easy and smooth. It is one of the leading and safest for keeping your cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, except bitcoin, you can create a wallet for ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and also Stellar.


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Below are the steps on how to create your Blockchain Wallet account.

step1: Visit website

Step2: Once you open the website, click on the “Get a free Wallet” option in your top right corner.

Step3: Complete the registration form by filling out your details, such as;

  • valid email address– make sure that you use an email that only you can access.
  • A secure password- use uppercase, Lowercase alphabets, Numbers, Special characters and make 11-15 characters as your password.
  • Agree to the Blockchain Terms and service and click continue.
  • When you are done creating your wallet, you will be sent a Wallet ID,  ensure to Safeguard this ID because it is the only way you can access your wallet.


The Blockchain dashboard

When you sign onto your wallet you arrive at the Dashboard. The Dashboard is more like a control unit from where other features of the Wallet is been accessed. The general menu can be found at the right of your screen.

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  • Meanwhile, you will find other options like changing from your bitcoin Wallet onto your Ether wallet. From the top to the bottom can find the Buy and Sell Bitcoin, Exchange, Security Center, Settings, FAQ.
  • Buy and Sell Bitcoin: With this option, you can access a new menu where you will Buy and Sell Bitcoin, and also check your history.
  • Exchange: The Exchange option enables you to exchange Bitcoin for Ether and likewise Ether for Bitcoin.
  • Security Center: The security center option allows you to easily access security options.
  • Settings: With the settings, you can access general information that concerns your wallet and transactions. You can also check and manage tour addresses and security with this option. You will also have the option to pair your  wallet with your mobile phone.

You will also find the FAQ and the option to send and Request Bitcoin.


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