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How to create a Yahoo mail account – Yahoo mail sign up and Registration

Are you finding troubles on how to create a Yahoo mail account? If you searching for the right steps to guide you sign up a new yahoo and also teach you how to protect your Yahoo email account from being hacked. congrats! Because in this post we have outlined the best guides to help you create your yahoo mail account.

Meanwhile, Yahoo mail is an email service from yahoo which was created in 1997 to serve the purpose of receiving and forwarding mails. The app provides four distinctive different email plans which include Yahoo Basic, Yahoo Plus, Ad-Free, and Business email. Getting started with offers you the opportunity to enjoy the best mailing service.

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Here are some amazing and mind-blowing features you will enjoy once you sign up a yahoo mail account with your mobile or pc

  • Sign in with your Country Code
  • Unlimited Storage
  • The yahoo trash bin
  • Yahoo Mail Plus
  • Anti-Spam
  • Calendar
  • News


How to create a theft free Yahoo mail account with your mobile or pc

Go to your phone or Pc browser and visit

Click on sign  up

Fill up the form shown you enter – your name, choice of yahoo address, and  password

Input your mobile phone number and select your country code

Accept to verify your account, by copying the code sent to your phone.

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Note: Meanwhile, the mobile phone number which you entered in the form above will be verified. will send you an SMS code, of which you will copy out from your phone and enter it on the space provided, so let’s get started!

Copy the code and paste it at the space provided.

You are done, click on submit.

Congrats, your account is created


Procedures to login to your new Yahoo mail account

Go to your phone or Pc browser and visit

Enter your new account email address and your password

Then, Click on login.


How to protect your Yahoo email account from being hacked

The best way to protect your email is to set a strong email password. The password must be long, numbers, symbols and letters and also special characters

Set up a two-step authentication protection on your Yahoo, with either a mobile app or with a text verification process.

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Now, only you will access a special code that can unlock your account.

You must be mindful of phishing emails that look to scam you out of your data and information.

These can look like regular emails from banks or service providers, but make sure you are 100 percent certain of an email before responding and never hand out any personal details through email.

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