How to create an eBay account

In this post, you will be shown the step by step process on how to create an eBay account. First, let’s grab a little knowledge about eBay.

Meanwhile, eBay is an online platform, a place where buyers and sellers come together with the common aim of trading on numerous items.


This is how eBay works.

  • When a seller lists a thing on eBay, such as cars, books, and clothes, etc. The seller prefers to selects, to accept only offers for the item or to offer the “buy it now option”, which lets the buyers buy or obtain the item away at a set price.
  • In an online shop, the offer opens at the price the seller approves and is on eBay for a specific number of days. Buyers will now make offers on the item. As the listing ends, the buyer with the highest offer wins.
  • In a Buy it now listing, the very first buyer who is willing to pay the seller’s price, will have the item.
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Therefore, to create an eBay account you have to follow the steps below;

1. Visit the eBay website.

2. Go to the registration page: This page is located at the top when you open the home page, the registration page is where you will be expected to fill the registration form.

  • Click on a personal account or Business account: Fill out the form with;
  • your names – legal names, email address – use your valid email, password – use a strong and secure password, phone numbers.
  • bank information.
  • credit or debit cards.


4. After adding all the required information and click on “register”, hurrah! you now have an eBay account.


5. Verify your account:  A message will be sent to you, the message will contain a verification code, copy the code, return to your eBay account, verify your account and sign in.


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