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How To Delete Hacker News Account – Deactivate Hacker News For Free

Are you searching for how to delete Hacker News account, I want to assure you that you have finally found what you have been looking for, as we have carefully provided you with a guide on how to delete it.

However, kindly read through because here is the place where you can learn how to manage your Hacker News account.

Recently, we have received several emails from the users of this Hacker News reading  App requesting a tutorial on how to delete or cancel their Hacker News account.

Meanwhile, before we continue on the guide on how to delete the account, let us still remind you that when you delete the account you lose matches, messages, and information associated with it, and also hint you on some of the mind-blowing features.

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Features Of Hacker News

1. Cyber Security News

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2. Basic Tips and Tricks

3. Offers and Freebies Information

4. Multiple Websites into Feed into one single application

5. Technology Updates

6. Daily Updates

How To Delete Hacker News Account OR Hacker News For Free

Although Hacker News (HN) does not have a way to delete your account, you can ‘anonymize’ your profile.

Therefore, if you use your real-life name as your username it’s a bit more of a problem, especially if your name is not ‘John Woods’, you could try emailing the owner of the site either at or perhaps use

Meanwhile, from our experience, you can email and ask to make your account inactive but they won’t delete any posts or submissions that you have made as we have been told ‘they are just too strict.

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