How to delete Mitele – Mediaset Spain VOD TV

How to delete Mitele- Mediaset Spain VOD TV- This is a live broadcasting online platform that features the best contents Telecinco, Cuatro, FDF, Energy, Divinity and Be Mad. It has been renewed ith better functionalities and some amazing contents such as Spanish and foreign TV series, movies, TV shows, sports, and kids’ contents are all made available.

However, not minding all these amazing and mindblowing features you may still want to delete the Mitele – Mediaset Spain VOD TV account due to some reasons like fraud, you suddenly lost interest and so many other reasons best-known to you. In this article, we are going to provide you with a step by step guide on how to delete it.


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Here are some amazing features of Mitele -Mediaset Spain VOD TV account

1.  Add contents to your watch list

2. Mark contents as favorite and add them to your list

3. Parental control: Restricting what kids can watch

4. Keep watching your contents from where you left them, regardless of the device from which you access them

5. Enjoy HD quality videos

6. Interact with live TV Shows by clicking on the’ button. You will have the chance to take part in real-time voting and have an impact on the development of certain shows.

7. You will also have access to exclusive content and videos.


Some available live channels on Mitele

  • Telecinco
  • Cuatro
  • Divinity
  • FDF
  • Be Mad
  • Boing (featuring kids content such as ‘Hora de Aventuras’, Yo-Kai Watch’, Doraemon’, ‘Clarence’, ‘Las Súper Nenas’ and many more)
    Gran Hermano 24 horas


How to delete Mitele – Mediaset Spain VOD TV

1. Go to your email account that is registered with the account.

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2. Then compose an email and enter the email address


4. Now write an email regarding changing your account information, with the honest reason for deleting your account and click on the send button.


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