How to Lock a Netflix Profile With a PIN Code

How to Lock a Netflix Profile With a PIN Code – We are delighted to inform you that, Netflix has introduced a feature that helps you protect your adult profiles with a PIN code.

If you have children or even adults and wish to keep the people on your account from accessing your home screen and personalized experiences

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Netflix Profile PIN protection Set up

Sign into with a web browser

Mouse over your profile icon at the top-right corner of the screen, and click “Account” to find your account settings.


Go to profile & Parental Controls, click the arrow to the right of the profile you want to restrict.

Click the “Change” button to the right of “Profile Lock.” If no PIN is yet set, this feature will be “Off.”

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For the purpose of authentication, Netflix will ask for your password. If you share your account with other people, anyone with your Netflix password can come to this page and change or remove the PIN.

However, the Netflix account owner always has the power to disable the PIN and profile lock for any profile. Remember, this is meant more like a parental control tool than anything else.

Check the “Require a PIN to access [Name]’s profile” box and enter a four-digit numerical passcode.


Click the “Save” button to activate your chosen PIN.

Open the menu and select “Exit Profile” to sign out of your profile.
Once your PIN is set, Netflix will ask for it whenever that profile is chosen at the welcome screen.

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