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How to Prevent Food Poisoning Before it Starts

Food is one of the basic necessities of life. Since, food is necessary for the man he should eat food that is safe, wholesome and fit for human consumption. This means that food should be free from any germ that can cause ill-health and not exposed to sources of contamination.


What is Food Hygiene?

Food hygiene is a set of principles that must be observed from production, storage, preservation, preparation, presentation, and consumption of food that is safe.

Meanwhile, it is important to learn about  How to Prevent Food Poisoning Before it starts. The main objective of food hygiene is to prevent the contamination of foodstuffs at all stages of production, harvesting, preparation, preservation, transportation, sale and utilization.

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What is Food Poisoning?

Food poisoning is acute gastroenteritis, resulting from the ingestion of food or drink which contains either living microorganisms or toxic substances produced by them.

However, some of the sign and symptoms associated with food poisoning include; Diarrhoea, Vomiting, Abdominal pains, Chills, Nausea, Mild fever, Headache, Cramp


Ways of Preventing Food Poisoning

  • Careful and honest inspection of meat at the slaughterhouse.
  • Cleanings in the management and preparation of rich foods
  • Protection of all foods from flies, dust, rodent, and vectors of pathogens at all times during the stages of the food processing before consumption.
  • Strict supervision of workers in food premises and health education on food poisoning
  • Known carriers of food infection or those with open wounds should be excluded from work involving the handling of foods.
  • Discourage the use of chemicals for food preservation
  • The enforcement of food hygiene laws by the appropriate officer to prevent food poisoning
  • Provision of good sanitary facilities, including portable water in food premises and eating houses.
  • A lab test of all those to be engaged in food regulated premises should be carried out
  • Proper cleaning and maintenance of equipment used.
  • People should wash their hands before they handle foods and after visiting the toilets.
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