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How to sign up Pandora app for iPhone free-Install Pandora app

Are you searching for How to sign up pandora app for iPhone free? Search no more! Because you have finally found what you have been looking for. Pandora App is a personalized internet music-streaming platform that offers a free account for streaming music to your desktop and is a perfect solution if you want to create your own custom radio stations and discover new bands and artists.

The Pandora app is available on the iTunes App Store for any iOS device, including your iPhone. After you install the app to your iPhone, you can sign up to your account to play your stations or open a new account and create new ones.

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Some amazing features of pandora app for iPhone

1. Helps users to find the music or podcasts that they want to listen to

2. You can listen to tracks from the For You section using the “Premium Access” feature

3. Users can select from options like “Crowd Faves” to hear songs most liked by other listeners, “Artist Only” to hear tracks just from the original artist

4. An algorithm that automatically picks other songs that it thinks you will like

5. Some amazing features of pandora app for iPhone


How to sign up pandora app for iPhone free

1. Go to the Pandora website.

2. Click on the Sign-Up link a the top right corner of the homepage page.

3. Fill in all the required fields of the registration form displayed on the screen. They include an email address, password, birth year, ZIP code, and your gender.

Note: Pandora uses this information to personalize your listening experience on the website but keeps all the information private.

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4. Click on the checkbox to agree to Pandora’s Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy.

5. Ensure that all the information you entered so far is correct including your options near the bottom of the form and then click on the Sign-Up button.

6. You’ve successfully signed up for a free Pandora account


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