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How to Subscribe for Apple TV channels

There is no doubt that with the availability of the Apple TV app that lovers of apple can now search for a channel in the  Apple TV  app to see movies, shows, and other content when you Subscribe for Apple TV channels to watch the exciting shows. In this article, we will reveal to everything you need to know about which services are available as Apple TV Channels, how much they cost, and how they work.


Basic requirements to Subscribe for Apple TV channels 

To get started you must have one o the following;

  • iPhone or iPod touch with the latest version of iOS
  • iPad with the latest version of iPadOS
  • Mac with the latest version of macOS
  • Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD with the latest version of tvOS
  • Apple TV (3rd generation) with Apple TV Software Update 7.3 or later
  • A smart TV or streaming device that supports the Apple TV app
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How to Subscribe for Apple TV channels on your iOS device or Apple TV

Make sure that you have one of the following devices:

Meanwhile, subscribing for the TV app on your iOS device or Apple TV is as simple as ABC, all you need to do is just scroll down in the main Watch Now tab, a list of numerous channels is prominently displayed. Most will have a button that says “Try it Free.” Selecting this brings up an in-app-purchase approval screen showing the length of the trial (usually one week) and the recurring subscription price after the trial is over. When you’re browsing a Channel’s content (see below), you’ll be presented with Try it Free buttons on shows and movies, too.


Functionality of the Apple TV Channels

Immediately, you have subscribed to Channel, you’ll see shows and movies recommended directly in your Watch Now tab.

Meanwhile, as you move down in the Watch Now tab, you’ll also see a list of Channels represented as circular icons. Select one and you’ll see everything available on that Channel (whether you subscribe to it or not).

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Select a show, and you’ll see an info card showing seasons, episodes, cast and crew, and more, along with a prominent “Play” button. On Apple TV, you might see a different format, something like “Play first episode” and another button for “Add to Up Next.”. When you subscribe to the Channel, you can play content right here, directly, without having to install any other apps.

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