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Importance of Exercise During Pregnancy to the Baby

Importance of Exercise During Pregnancy to the Baby-Exercise according to the chambers dictionary id said to be a physical or mental activity that you do to stay healthy or become stronger or an activity intended to develop a skill.

Exercise is of many benefits to everybody; males or females, the young or the aged, the slim and the obese; the tall or short; the single individuals as well as the pregnant mothers even to their unborn babies alike.

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Pregnancy is not a barrier to exercise, when it is done during the childbearing year is not harmful to either mother or baby if the pregnancy is normal and the mother healthy and can be beneficial if at a mild or moderate level. The aims of exercising during pregnancy should be to maintain or slightly improve the woman’s level of fitness.

Provided there are no specific obstetric or medical contradictions like; Serious cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and thyroid disease. Fit women can safely maintain the same level of fitness during pregnancy. However, pregnant women should not undertake new, vigorous exercise, which could make them too warm, tired or breathless and regular exercises and should reduce the intensity of their training as the pregnancy progresses.

Importance of Exercise During Pregnancy to the Baby

  • Less Body Fat
  • Better Heart Health
  • More Advanced BrainsReceives, more blood, oxygen, and nutrients through the placenta
  • More physically coordinated a little earlier than other babies
  • Reduced odds of diabetes
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Recommended exercises During pregnancy

1. Kegel Exercise: Involves squeezing the buttocks, pulling in the stomach muscles, then holding for 5 seconds and releasing, Repeat 5-6 times. The exercise strengthens the pelvic muscles and prevents stress incontinence.

2. Swimming: A low impact activity, an excellent exercise of aerobic changes are induced which provides resistance with low risk of injury.

3. Yoga: Practicing yoga in pregnancy is hugely beneficial. As well as strengthening and toning muscles that help in labor and birth, yoga aims to bring about greater awareness of your breathing pattern rhythms providing perfect relaxation.

4. Pilating: A core muscle workout that builds strength without bulking muscles and teaches to balance flexibility. It tends to achieve harmony between the mind and muscles using eight (8) basic principles relaxation, concentration, coordination, centering, alignment, breathing stamina and flowing movement

5. Jogging: This helps to improve circulation and energy levels, boost the immune system, and increase stamina for labor.

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