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James Allen Pattison Net Worth, Early life, and Career

James Allen Pattison net worth early life and career-According to Wikipedia, Pattison was born on October 1, 1928.  He is a Canadian business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. He is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Pattison is the chief executive officer, Brand sole owner of the Jim Pattison Group, Meanwhile, Pattison’s net worth in late 2019 was $8.7 billion, having increased substantially from the $5.1 billion.


Early Life

Pattison’s parents lived in the rural town of Luseland, Saskatchewan when he was born at the hospital in nearby Saskatoon. The family moved to East Vancouver, British Columbia when Pattison was six years old, but he returned to Saskatchewan during summer.

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However, his first job he did, was to play flutes for children in the church, and later picking fruits while in high school. While he was in high school had so many jobs. After high school, he worked in a cannery, a packing house, as a labourer building bridges in the mountains, and then for the Canadian Pacific Railway as a dining car attendant.


The career of James Pattison

Furthermore, in 1961, using his sales skills, he was able to convince a Bank manager to lend him $40,000, which was more than the branch’s lending limit, to open a Pontiac dealership on Main Street near his elementary school.

In an effort to complete the funding, he also sold his house, assigned the cash surrender value of his life insurance policy to General Motors and took a loan from GM for $190,000 for preferred shares in the company. A quarter-century later, he was selling more cars than anyone else in Western Canada.

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Additionally, in early 2020, Pattison was still working full-time, making a tour of Pattison Agriculture farm equipment dealerships across the west.

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What is James Pattison net worth?

Meanwhile, Pattison’s net worth in late 2019 was $8.7 billion, having increased substantially from the $5.1 billion. In 2016, he was considered to be Canada’s fourth-richest person.

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