Multiple Recruitment for Federal Government Jobs in Canada

Federal Government Jobs Overview

If you’ve always wanted a job that is both enjoyable and societally beneficial, then you may want to consider federal government jobs. These aren’t just reserved for politicians, as just about any and every job title out there can be found within a governmental department. When you work for the government, you can pursue a rewarding career while also providing invaluable services to Canadians nationwide.

Canadian government jobs often pay well and come with highly desirable benefits packages. They are part of the general Canadian public sector, which, according to government statistics make up 20 percent of all jobs held in Canada. Traditionally many federal jobs are office-based. These roles can consist of administrative assistants, cybersecurity experts, and analysts.

However, as the government is so far-reaching and diverse, you can also expect to find many roles outside of clerical work. Test pilots, mechanics, research scientists, and interpreters (just to name a few) are all hired within the federal government.

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You may also want to consider additional administrative jobs, such as:

  • executive assistant jobs
  • hospital secretary jobs
  • front desk jobs

Federal Government Worker Education and Skills

Academic qualifications and skills required will depend on the specific types of federal government jobs you apply for. Some roles will only require a high school education, while others may require advanced academic degrees.

And according to Canada’s official website, public service jobs often require an initial written test prior to an interview. What’s more, you will almost certainly need to pass a security screening, which will seek to verify your education and career background and check for a potential criminal record.

Skills-wise, almost all government jobs will be seeking employees that are quick thinking, analytical, and of course patriotic. Strong communication skills are highly valued as well, as are effective teamwork skills.

How Much Do Federal Government Jobs Pay?

A federal government salary depends entirely on the role and seniority level. As there are hundreds of different types of federal government roles, a salary can range hugely. To get a general idea of what to expect, you may want to explore official government role salary guides and see how they compare to the same roles in the private sector.

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Traditionally, government jobs do pay well. They also have a certain level of security to them and provide valuable skills that are often desired by private companies, should you ever wish to make the switch. You can also use our Salary Tool to get an idea of what to expect with salary ranges across Canada.

Update Your Federal Government Resume

Government jobs can be highly competitive, so an up-to-date resume is absolutely essential. You’ll want to make sure your resume is tailored to the specific federal government job you’re going for. Provide examples of where you’ve excelled in past roles.

What’s more, you can use our many resume samples to help you craft an impressive resume. You may also want to consider writing a cover letter, as this is an excellent way to help you stand out from the crowd. A thoughtful and detailed cover letter demonstrates you’re serious about the role and allows you to inject a bit more of your personality. We also have many cover letter samples available.

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Interviewing for a Federal Government Job

Usually, before you go for a federal government job interview, you’ll have to successfully pass a security background check. Once you’ve made it through, a series of rigorous interviews are likely to follow. As this is the national Canadian government we’re talking about, the federal jobs interview process can be lengthier compared to private-sector ones.

To help you prepare, we’ve got a huge amount of interview resources available. This includes articles on how to answer challenging questions well and how to successfully follow up afterward.

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