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Sherry Brydson is the richest woman in Canada-Sherry Brydson $6.6bn net worth

Sherry Brydson is the richest woman in Canada-Sherry Brydson is the only child of Irma Thomson, which happens to be one of Roy Thomson’s two daughters. Her share in the family’s company and her other business interests puts her net worth at an estimated $6.6 billion.

Canada’s richest woman was political science and economics student at the prestigious University f Toronto in the 1960s. During her days s a student of the university she wrote for the school newspaper, The Varsity, and participated in the 1970 Abortion Caravan, in which hundreds of women trekked from British Columbia to Ottawa’s Parliament Hill to protest the country’s strict abortion laws.

The multi-billionaire is the granddaughter of Roy Thomson, the first Baron of Fleet Street and the family force behind a media empire that today includes the Globe and Mail and Thomson Reuters.

In her words, she said, “These treasures were intended to be passed from generation to generation. The way they were taken was one of the biggest mistakes that were ever made, and has been repaid,” Brydson told the Globe and Mail at the time”


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Meanwhile, most people don’t know much about her, even the fact that Sherry Brydson is the richest woman in Canada because even her age and details about whether she is married or has children are not known. Bryson has also ventured into real estate and oil and gas and She also has her fingers in various entrepreneurial endeavors.

One of her higher-profile portfolio companies is Viking Air, which, in 2008, revived production of the Twin Otter airplane. The following year, she contributed to the YWCA to build the Elm Centre, an affordable housing complex for women in downtown Toronto.


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