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Signs and symptoms of new coronavirus and Prevention

Signs and symptoms of new coronavirus -The new coronavirus in china is a group of viruses that cause diseases in animals such as mammals and birds including diarrhea in cows and pigs, also upper respiratory infection in chickens. It belongs to the subfamily of coronavirus known as Coronavirinae.


Is the Coronavirus Pandemic?

However, the world health organization is not always in a haste to use the word “pandemic” for any disease, because they take their time to do a proper study on the spread of the disease.  Currently, the coronavirus has not been confirmed to be pandemic in humans because its transmission from person to person is in a limited manner and it has not been notified in most countries o the world. It needs to fully pose three characters, which are; effectively infect humans, multiply in human cells, and the ability to easily spread among humans

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Signs and symptoms of coronavirus

Signs and symptoms of new coronavirus begin to manifest two to 14 days after exposure or contraction and can include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


How to Prevent Coronvirus in China?

Presently, there is no cure or vaccine for the virus. But you have to prevent yourself from getting the virus by adopting the same preventing practice as in Lassa Fever Virus

1. Ensure you wash your hands regularly with clean warm water.

2. Avoid rubbing your hands on your eyes, mouth, and nose to avoid cross-infection.

3. keep a distance from people who are infected or suspected to be infected.

4. Ensure you take plenty of fluids to avoid getting dehydrated

5. Take some medications to relieve the symptoms.

6. Clean and disinfect surfaces you often touch.

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7. Avoid eating raw or undercooked meat or animal organs


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