Step by step method to set up a Netflix account

Before we embark on Step by step method to set up a Netflix account, let’s take a look at a brief history of Netflix. Netflix is an American company that produces and provides media services. The company headquarter is located in Los Gatos, California, it was founded by Reed Astings and Marc Randolph still in California, Scotts Valley precisely, in the year 1997. Please follow this step by step method to set up a Netflix account.

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Step by step method to set up a Netflix account

1. Open Netflix official website or install and open the app: All devices can create a Netflix account. On signing up you will be rewarded a free one-month membership trial.

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2. Click on the button “Join free for a month”: On clicking the above, you will move through a series of the screen that will take you through the sign-up process.

3. Click on the button ” See the Plans” and move through different to make.

4. Choose a streaming plan, then tap “continue”: There three different viewing options which include:

Basic- This allows you to watch Netflix in one device at a particular moment. With this, you can not share your account with anyone. It does not include HD videos.

Standard- With this you can watch videos up to two screens at a time, Account can be shared, and HD videos are allowed.

Premium- It allows up to 4 people o watch Netflix at the same time, Displays Ultra HD which is above HD and suitable for 4k resolution display screen.

5. Create a new account: To achieve this, you should enter your email address and a new password then click “Continue”.

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6. Choose a payment option: Netflix allows you to use;

  • Credit and debit cards with Mastercard, Visa, and Amex
  • PayPal account if you are in the united states and some other areas.
    Netflix gift card in many areas.

7. Enter your payment information: Follow the process to enter your payment details.

8. Click on “Start Membership”: By starting your Netflix membership you did create your account. Then you can access stream movies and television.

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