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Understanding and Coping with Mood Swings during pregnancy

Are you worried about your persistent mood swings during your pregnancy period? Do you desire to learn how to cope with mood swings during this time of your pregnancy? Then this post is for you, we have carefully revealed in this post the unique ways of Understanding and Coping with Mood Swings during pregnancy.

Meanwhile, it is a very justifiable fact that women suffer so much emotionally during pregnancy, this is not unconnected to the reason that hormonal fluctuation takes place as well as lack of adequate sleep and poor support system fro family and friends.

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Understanding the effects of Hormones on Mood Swings

Unarguably, the reason for the mood swings experienced by pregnant women is a result of the increased levels of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone.

Due to the fluctuation of these two major hormones and their roles in the formation of the baby in the womb. When there is a high level of estrogen and progesterone, which causes the imbalance in the endogenous chemicals known as neurotransmitters like, serotonin, endorphin, dopamine, and norepinephrine results to the feeling of anxiety, sadness, fear, and frustration. this in some cases may lead to depression if proper care is not given to the pregnant woman.


Causes of Mood Swings During Pregnancy

  • Hormonal fluctuation, as in estrogen and progesterone
  • Lack of adequate sleep due to stress
  • Poor support system from family and friends during pregnancy
  • Severe tiredness and morning sickness
  • Hypothyroidism, gestational diabetes, and anemia


Coping with Mood Swings during pregnancy

Leaning some coping strategies which will help you go through this tough time of pregnancy is very essential. However, this post will comprehensively explain these coping strategies to you.

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1. Be patient with yourself, understand that pregnancy hormones are the cause of the mood swings.

2. Pay more attention to your diets by eating plenty of green vegetables, fruits, and bananas

3. Seek support from friends, family, and prenatal appointments.

4. Pamper yourself by trying fun activities like shopping, eating, and visiting recreational centers

5. Get regular physical activity, by exercising every day.

6. Connect with other expecting moms share your mood swings experiences to help you feel normal.

7. Take a yoga or meditation class and ensure it is only for pregnant women

8. Get a gentle prenatal massage, to help relives muscle pains

9. Always get yourself prepared for waves of morning sickness.

10. Talk to your doctor or counselor about your emotional struggles if it persists


Additionally,  is important to know and recognize that mood swings during pregnancy are not abnormalities, rather it is the outcome of hormonal imbalance that occurs during the early and late stage of pregnancy. Accepting that it is a normal physiological change that accompanies gestation, will assist you in  Understanding and Coping with Mood Swings during pregnancy.

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