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Why You Must Take Dietary Supplements

There is a difference between feeding your stomach with food and feeding your body cells with nutrients, and that is the reason you should Why You Must Take Dietary Supplements. You can eat yourself bursting on like, fresh white bread, but your boð has revived limited nutrition.

The sad part of life is that we cut down on our diets to make ends meet, only to payout our savings for medical treatment some year later. The result depriving our body of essential nutrients can be dangerous.

It makes good training to utilize your money on your self by supplementing your diet and avoid giving away your money to somebody else at a later stage. In depriving your body of the necessary nutrients, your immune system is negatively influenced.

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And when your immunity bus down, it opens your body for various attacks and resulting in sicknesses. The key is not only in the broad spectrum nutrients but also in balanced quantities.

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Here are some reasons why you should take food supplements

  • Storage and freezing depletes nutrient content
  • The soil has been depleted of trace elements and farmers use chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides which delete valuable nutrients in fruits and vegetables
  • Cooking methods destroy a large portion of nutrient
  • Most of our drinking water to contain chlorine
  • Smoking and alcohol deplete the body of valuable nutrients
  • Inhaling of pollution and gases or working in industrial areas
  • Infrequent meals and the use of fast and convenient foods
  • Too much-refined foods, which lacks fiber
  • The use of aluminum cooking utensils deplete food from valuable nutrients and is the major cause of Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss
  • Refining and processing not only remove a large number of nutrients, but preservatives, colorants, and flavorings added are dangerous to on.
  • Fruits and vegetables do not reach us fresh
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Why You Must Take Dietary Supplements

1. Feed your cells

This is achieved by taking some dietary formula of multivitamin, mineral and also essential fatty acids required from your daily diet.

In a healthy, the cell membrane is selectively permeable allowing nutrients to freely enter the cell but keeping germs out. It also allows free elimination after the metabolism of the nutrients.

Meanwhile, in a sick cell, the membrane has been damaged and loses its selectivity. But what the unique supplements do is that it feeds your cells thereby maintaining healthy cells.


2. Repair and renewal of Cells

Every day one damages cells by burning, cutting, bruising and so on. These cells need to be repaired and for proper repairing, a complete protein in needed-all 22 amino acids in one meal.. As it is virtually impossible to have complete protein in one meal, supplementation is the answer.

Furthermore, all the cells in your body are replaced approx, every 7 years. And without quality protein, no quality cell can be replaced.

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3.protecting of cells

Modern living has placed a heavy stress load on our bodies for protection against pollution, chemicals, drugs, chlorine in water, metal poisoning (lead in engine gases) colorant and preservatives in foods.

On that note, for our body to stay protected, we need anti-oxidants, super antioxidants, like carotenoids. The carotenoids form a family of 600, found in the pigmentation of green, yellow, orange and red fruits and vegetables.


Normally, you are supposed to get all the required micronutrients from the foods you eat. However, it wise to note that, it is practically impossible to get all the required nutrients our body needs for optimum functioning. This is a result of so many predisposing (genetic) and precipitating (external stressors) factors.


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